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      Smart and Green

      Ball LED Indoor Outdoor Lamp


      209.00 Retail


      Not your typical ball game. Say it like it is – we’ve got a floater. Or two, or ten. Keep the light one color, or let it automatically span a 160,000 different colored lights spectrum. It's a color flash mob.These Balls LED Indoor Outdoor Lamps by Smart & Green will be appreciated for their luster, uniqueness, and life-like appearance. Floating elegantly across your pool or gracing your backyard BBQ with its cool demeanor, or setting the stage for a romantic ambiance, these Balls offer a pleasant light to suit any surrounding, indoors and out, wet or dry, for party or personal. And not required to keep the ball in your own court. Go wild.
      Custom Request?


      • Handmade and designed in France.
      • Eco-friendly (and energy-efficient).
      • Waterproof (can be immersed in up to 2 meters of water).
      • Shockproof.
      • Wireless.
      • Lightweight (easily portable).
      • Indoor / Outdoor use (designed to thrive in bad weather).
      • Cordless and Rechargeable (by placing it on its compact charging station).
      • 6 Static color options: Blue, Turquoise, Green, Pink, Orange, or White.
      • Up to 12 hours on one charge.
      • 3 different intensity settings.
      • Optional ultra sleek Pebble remote control (turn on and off without leaving your chair).
      • One Pebble remote control can control up to 100 Smart & Green lamps (and up to 66 feet away).
      • Textured finish.
      • Powered by 3 AAA batteries or by the rechargeable Li-ion battery.
      • Power consumption: 1 watt.
      • 52 LEDs: 16 white and 36 color.
      • Lifetime exceeding 50,000 hours.


      A company only four years old, Smart & Green is wise beyond its years; and has proven its intelligence through innovative design, eco-friendly manufacturing, and a brilliant technological edge. This French company, based at the foot of the Alps in Grenoble, has quickly established itself as the global standard for cordless lighting technology. Smart & Green has paved the way for new ways to use light, in a smart and green way. 

      Smart is a line of smart, portable designer lamps that are efficient, waterproof, and unbreakable. They obey your every command using intuitive technology that improves your daily life. 

      Green is an all-pervasive philosophy. These smart bulbs have reduced their already low consumption while adjusting to your lighting needs. During the design process, their engineers minimize the use of parts and raw materials, so 100% of their light diffusers and around 90% of their bulbs can be recycled. 

      “Our job is not only to design and manufacture technological lighting solutions, but also to create products that hold a special place in the hearts and daily lives of users. At Smart & Green, we were the first to blend function and form. We're proud to offer lighting solutions to those looking to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint while improving their working environment and living space.”  - Peter Wildhorn, CEO, Smart & Green
      Peter Wildhorn DESIGNER


      Width: 14" 36 cm
      Height: 14" 36 cm
      Weight: 5 lbs
      Material: Polyethylene
      Smart and Green : Ball LED Indoor Outdoor Lamp